Retired German military Officers condemn the agressive policies of West toward Russia

Close to one hundred senior officers of the German Army among them retired officers of the German Democratic Republic have signed an open letter, which condemns the Western countries’ aggression against Russia. The open letter titled the “Soldiers of Peace” published by Junge Welt and signed by former Defense Ministers Heinz Kessler and Theodore Hoffman, as well as a number of senior German military officers.

The open letter has been sent to Bundestag and the embassies of NATO countries reminding them that the war ended 70 years ago in which 27 million Soviet citizens lost their lives; meanwhile, during the post-war reconstruction period Washington and its allies started new wars in Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Sudan, Yemen, Libya and Somalia.

The signatories state that the sole reason of the Ukrainian crisis is to destroy Russia; the plan at the same time weakens the European Union. The open letter criticizes the unprecedented, ongoing media propaganda against Russia; the signatories of the open letter condemn Germany because it supports war hysteria instead of attempting through diplomatic channels to settle the crisis.

The former German defense minister explains that they know the meaning of war, and because of that they support peace. We do not need a campaign against Russia, instead, we want peaceful co-existence based on mutual understanding; we do not want to depend on the United States.

Many people who have signed the letter also witnessed the Second World War, and agree that the key questions of our time can only be solved in collaboration with Russia; Europe’s dependence on the United States is unacceptable.

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Hungarian Peace Community on Exodus and take in

Budapest, 5 July 2015

The only way to stop the Exodus of the Peoples is to grant them existance in their own homelands. Instead of Wars and barbed wires Hungarian People is interested in the borning of a new World Order centered on the Human Being – is emphesizing the Hungarian Community for Peace in its note edited on Sunday.

The position of HCP was defined in a consultaion of Budapest on Friday between the organisations composing the group funded by the Hungarian Social Forum. Here you have the full text of HCP document of analysys and alternatives:

„The only way to stop the Exodus of the Peoples is to grant them existance in their own homelands. Instead of Wars and barbed wires Hungarian People is interested in the borning of a new World Order centered on the Human Being.

The World Order of our times, the global capitalism lays on the subjugation and the spoliation of the weaks. Whole regions’ development is hindered by the way of the subtraction of their sources and the exploitation assured by the global financial mechanisms. Where the economical tool of the pulling out koncks against the resistence of the Peoples, they try to preserve the oppression by Wars, inciting persons, peoples and countries each others against. Conquest and subjection is giving birth to more and more violent and agressive terroristic organisations. Global Capitalism itself is produceing that what’s consequences is trying to defend itself from with bombs and barbed wires.

It cannot divert the attention from the fundamental requirement of a new just World order the fact, that meanwhile it is necessary to give answers to the concrete situation. Europe with Hungary inside became one of the main targets of the migration. It is no possible to see the end of this rush. What we can see now is that more and more people will take to the road if central powers will not change their behaviour.

The mesures taken up to now about the immigration are not in harmony with the seriousness of the problem. We see that those who have given rise to the exodus with their policy, want to wriggle out of responsibility. European Union is hopeing to transform Hungary into an „unloading place”, to take in the mass of migrants in place of the centre. They would like to impose quotas to us with clear intention to get off scot-free the consequences of their policy. Hungarian is a taking up people. He is aware with the requirements of Humanity and the commandment of life as supreme value. He knows that he must give food and drink to the refugees and their children, and place to lay their heads. But he also knows, that Hospitality has the limit of the compulsion of outrun the constable.

The Hungarian Community for Peace does inform the Allied of Hungary, that our country will not bear the odium and will not take upon itself the responsibility for the consequences of US, EU and NATO wrong policy. Hungary does not want to become a refugee deportation area, still less a concentration camp symbolised by the barbed wires in built. Those who do not want to finish with their War policy, and assure the peaceful development of the regions where refugees and migrants are coming from, must respect their material, political and moral responsibilty vis-a-vis the migrants and people taking in them. Such a big mass only can be taken in provisionally.

Hungarian people does not want to sacrifice his national identity on the altar of the irresponsible, inhuman, oppressive policy of the „civilised” Western Centre!

The Hungarian Community for Peace condemns that under the ideological mask of the worlwide diffusion of „democracy” countries and peoples be divided in order to dominate them, and billions of people be deprived of normal conditions of life.

For us it is unecceptable the outrageous injustice of whole regions living in misery while the richest one percent of the most reach people concentrating the half of the global wealth. We want a social order laying on new ethical basis.

Hungarian people does not want to become victim or suffering part of this inhuman world order. It condemns that our country’s Allied treated us like as indoor servants with the task to wash the Western laundry.

We protest against the fact that while they oblige us to take in from South, overcoming our force, they also turn us against East. They are using as gun-meat our compatriots of Sub-Carpathian region against russian people in Ukraine, they incite military conflict in our region, they want to transform our territory into a military springboard for a War against Russia.

We take the initiative of calling hungarian people and its government to start taking seriousely in consideration the finding of such new Allied, who do not want to use us as tool against other peoples fighting for life, existence, justice and freedom”.